Provides dynamic online Spanish courses that combine experienced native instructors, interactive learning modules, and immersive cultural activities.

Students advance quickly through tailor-made learning plans and adaptable timetables.

Spanish fluency, a bridge to the world

Online one-on-one Spanish lessons with a native certified teacher


1-on-1 lessons

Personalized attention and  guidance, confidence building, flexible scheduling and learning styles, individualized feedback.

Qualified and Native Instructors

Certified, experienced, and native Spanish-speaking instructors who are passionate about teaching and can provide authentic language and cultural insights.

Customized Learning Plans

Choose from a range of courses, schedules, and proficiency levels to tailor your learning experience to your unique goals and lifestyle.

Interactive and Engaging Lessons

Develop interactive and engaging lessons that incorporate multimedia, interactive exercises, and real-world scenarios to keep students motivated and actively participating.

Immersive Cultural Experiences:

We go beyond language acquisition, offering virtual cultural experiences and field trips that make your learning journey rich and memorable and opportunities for students to practice Spanish in real-life contexts.

Flexible Scheduling

Provide flexible scheduling options to accommodate students with various time commitments and time zones, allowing for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Success Stories

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Silvana María Pastorino
Silvana María Pastorino
I highly recommend taking these classes. I love my instructor, Valeria and they helped match me to teacher who was good with my beginner speed. I really feel like I am learning a lot and the prices are very reasonable. I can't wait to see how far I can take my new Spanish skills.

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